The Families of Killeavy Castle

The Foxalls, Killeavy Castle's first family

Meredith Foxall was a founder of Moore, McCann and Foxall's Bank of Newry. Although the bank crashed in 1816, the Foxall family still managed to salvage enough funds for Powell Foxall to commission extensive repairs and additions to Killeavy Lodge in 1836. Joseph Foxall and his successor Powell Foxall are responsible for the impressive broadleaf woodlands that cover a considerable part of the mountain.

The Gillespies, Killeavy Castle's second family

From the mid 1860's to the late 1870's Killeavy Castle was the residence of William Gillespie who rented it from Joseph Foxall.

The Bells, Killeavy Castle’s third family

The Bell family took ownership of the property in 1881. It has sometimes been referred to as 'Bell's Castle'. Over the years, the value of the property fluctuated dramatically. By 1921, part of the building was empty and part was rented by John A Bell. It was valued at only £22. Killeavy Castle remained in the possession of the Bell family until the death of Maureen Bell in 2000.

The Boyles, Killeavy Castle’s current family

The Boyle family took ownership of the Estate in 2013 and began a major redevelopment programme. Mick Boyle emigrated to Australia in the late 1960’s with his parents, Michael and Pauline Boyle, who both come from South Armagh. Having such strong connections to the area, the family are determined to return the Estate to its former glory and develop a hospitality and agriculture experience that can be enjoyed for generations to come. 

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