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Sustainability Policy

What is Sustainable Tourism?

Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities

Our Sustainable Practices and Story 

At Killeavy Castle Estate we are passionate about creating a legacy of sustainability and environmental consciousness. A particular focus for our business is the use of local produce and suppliers. When you enjoy a meal in our award-winning restaurant, the food on your plate will have been harvested from the walled garden on the Estate, farmed on the land or locally sourced. We believe this makes us unique, keeps our food fresh, supports local businesses, as well as reducing cost and transport emissions. 

Our menus are meticulously prepared prioritising seasonal produce from the Estate farm and walled garden, plus forgeable ingredients from the surrounding woodlands.

The Directors, Management and Staff at Killeavy Castle Estate are committed to protecting and enhancing the natural and unspoilt environment that we are so proud to work in. At Killeavy Castle Estate we are continuously striving to improve our Environmental practices which include Waste Management, Eliminating Single Use Plastics and conversation of Water and Energy. Killeavy Castle Estate has a sustainability plan in place based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This internationally recognised framework focuses on 17 goals and guides the setting of targets and measures for each. 

The current sustainable practices in place that position us well on our sustainable journey and help to reduce our carbon footprint include;

The Building and Interiors 

The hotel building incorporates smart seasonal design concepts to reduce the reliance on artificial lighting, heating and air conditioning. This includes window positioning to maximise sun exposure and quality insulation throughout. 

During the interior design and finish of the Hotel and Castle, only sustainable woods and finishes were used.

All internal and exterior lighting are LED and sensor operated.


The Estate and its operation

  • All of our beef and lamb is sourced from our Working Farm. In the Spring and Summer season all of the Vegetables and Herbs that are used in the Hotel kitchens are sourced from our Walled Garden. At times of over production from the Walled Garden these vegetable and herbs are preserved for use in the Autumn and Winter months. 
  • In excess of 90% of food products that are used in the Estate kitchens is sourced from our Working Farm or local Irish suppliers. At all times when external suppliers are used, they are within a 20 mile radius so as to reduce the suppliers carbon footprint.
  • A new 1 acre Vegetable Garden is currently being developed (operational in March 2022) that will produce all of the Vegetable for the Estate kitchens and will be a garden of Four Seasons. 
  • Meat curing and storage facilities for our Estate Longhorn Beef and Cheviot Lamb will also be completed as part of the Vegetable Garden development.
  • Only sustainably responsible suppliers are used across the Estate including our Spa. In addition Estate flowers and herbs are used in our Signature Spa treatments.
  • Estate plants that would normally be classed as weeds or invasive are used within our Estate kitchens including nettles for Nettle Soup, Heather for our Estate Heather Teas and Seaweed that is used for garnish of our Restaurant dishes are then used in our Walled Garden for the control of the spread of slugs on Vegetables and Herbs.
  • E-bike and mountain bikes are provided for guests use so that they can explore the Estate without the need to consume fuel.
  • Walking maps are provided for the exploration of the Estate and so that all guests young and old can connect with nature and 'Get closer to what's important'.
  • No single use plastics are used across the Estate.
  • Takeaway coffee cups are fully compostable.
  • All used Nespresso pods are fully recycled by the Hotel.
  • All our bottled water is filtered in house and carbonated as required and served in glass bottles in the hotel bedrooms and food and beverage outlets.
  • Plastic if fully recycled and cardboard is bailed and recycled.
  • All food waste is used on the Estate Farm and therefore reduces landfill waste.
  • Grass and tree cuttings off the Estate are composted in the Estate Walled Garden and used as compost for our vegetable and herb bedding.
  • The Estate buggies are fully electric and transport customers as required from the main Hotel to the Castle and Castle Pavilion. 
  • Use of BEMS (Building Energy Management System) for the sustainable use and zoning of the Hotel with regard to heat and water.

Future Plans

The sustainable journey of Killeavy Castle Estate has only commenced, and we will continue to move forward to become carbon and waster neutral with the following plans in the near future;

  • Installation of the Hotel Water Wheel that will be powered from the Estate Mill Pond that will supply electric to the Hotel.
  • Installation of Solar Panels on the flat roof of the Hotel for 100% self-sustained electric power.
  • Continued development of the Estate Working Farm for the supply of Meat, Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs for the Estate kitchens.
  • Replanting, extension and restoration of the Estate broadleaf woodland and creating a forest legacy for generations to come through the development of a 200-acre corridor of native woodland linking Killeavy Castle Estate into Slieve Gullion Forest Park.
  • Addition of our own Estate honeybees and hives for the production of our Estate honey.
  • Installation of Electric car charging stations for electric cars.
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