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Partner Experiences

Explore the great outdoors at Killeavy Castle Estate with a variety of experiences to avail of. Whether it is relaxation or excitement we have a range of experiences to suit all ages, tastes and abilities.

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Distilleries, Breweries and Orchards

The most authentic of distilleries, Killowen Distillery is seated in the heart of the Mournes in County Down where horizons are framed by sweeping hills that slope gently into the sea. It is a place where old traditions and the finest natural resources have been blended to produce world class craft spirits.

Being Ireland's smallest distillery has not hindered the influence Killowen Distillery have had on the spirits industry in Ireland, spearheading a new movement towards transparency and integrity, Killowen Distillery have set a new standard for premium Whiskey, Gin and Poitín.

Using Ireland's only flame-fed stills and worm tub condensers, Killowen Distillery are making the most promising spirits in Ireland while at the same time bonding, blending and finishing aged whiskey that are held in the highest regard. Only one of the four founding members of Irish Whiskey Guild.

Experience Killowen at Killeavy Castle Estate

At Killeavy Castle Estate, we are passionate about partnering with local artisans to offer the best experiences for our guests. We work closely with Killowen Distillery to provide premium tasting and tour experiences, showcasing some of the finest traditional spirits in the world.


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Coming soon, bespoke Killowen Distillery packages

Whiskey, Gin or Poitín tasting and education onsite at Killeavy Castle Estate

Tasting while discussing the science and craft along with an informal 'Question and Answer' and some good fun

Take a minibus from Killeavy Castle Estate for a special personalised group tour at the Killowen Distillery in the Mourne Mountains. You will meet the maker and sample our spirits while accompanied by Uilleann Piper and story teller