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Sustainability at the heart of Killeavy Castle Estate

- Posted on: 29/07/2021 -

At Killeavy Castle Estate we are passionate about creating a legacy of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

A particular focus for our business is the use of local produce and suppliers. When you enjoy a meal in our award-winning restaurant, the food on your plate will have been harvested from the walled garden on the Estate, farmed on the land or locally sourced. We believe this makes us unique, keeps our food fresh, supports local businesses, as well as reduces cost and transport emissions.

Our menus are meticulously prepared to prioritise seasonal produce from the Estate farm and walled garden, plus forgeable ingredients from the surrounding woodlands. The quantities of produce are strictly determined to reduce food wastage, but any organic waste that occurs is collected for compost and use on our farm.

Another key green initiative, and one that has been hot in the press, is our Zero Plastic endeavour to keep plastic waste to a minimum. When you stay at Killeavy you won’t encounter any single-use plastic; no takeaway coffee cups, no plastic straws, no one use bathroom items, no plastic water bottles in rooms or restaurants - even our pens are made from recycled cardboard. The cleaning products we use on-site are environmentally friendly and our housekeeping team encourage guests to reuse bedding and towels whenever possible.

The hotel building incorporates smart seasonal design concepts to reduce the reliance on artificial lighting, heating and air conditioning. This includes window positioning to maximise sun exposure and quality insulation throughout. Energy-efficient lighting and sensor systems further reduce electricity usage and we have plans in place to install solar panels for renewable energy production in the near future. 

We work in partnership with the Forestry Service, The Woodland Trust and Newry Mourne District Council to repopulate Slieve Gullion forest by increasing the level of broadleaf woodland planted. 

Killeavy Castle Estate has a sustainability plan in place based on the UN Sustainable Development goals. This internationally recognised framework focuses on 17 key goals and guides the setting of targets and measures for each, a living document which is added to and evaluated on a regular basis keeping us at the heartbeat of sustainable practices.

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