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Working Farm at Killeavy Castle Estate.
Working Farm at Killeavy Castle Estate
Onsite Working Farm at Killeavy Castle.
Working Farm at Killeavy Castle.

Our Farm

Our working farm is at the very heart of everything we do on the Killeavy Castle Estate. When Killeavy Castle was built in the 19th century, the Estate farm would have provided sustenance for the residents, as well as the surrounding region. Today, our sustainable farming allows us to provide the freshest seasonal produce for our guests, as well as ensure that our local environment is protected for generations to come. We’re committed to being one of the most environmentally friendly hotels in Ireland, with sustainable agriculture at the heart of everything we do. 

From Farm to Fork at our Sustainable Restaurants

Food is our great passion at Killeavy, and central to the warm hospitality you’ll receive as our guest. Our working Farm allows us to offer up real culinary excellence through our fresh produce from the Walled Garden and our very own Longhorn Cattle and Cheviot Sheep. 

Our chef’s team uses only the finest local ingredients to complement our farm produce – ingredients that are carefully handled, lovingly prepared and graciously served. Enjoy a range of sustainable dining options across our Garden Lounge, restaurant and bar. 

County Armagh is farming country. We appreciate how farmers and their families cultivated these lands for generations and made the most from all that naturally grew in field, forest and stream. Today, we foster others to understand and respect our environment by encouraging our guests to enjoy all that our working farm has to offer. 

Sustainable Farming at Killeavy Castle Estate

Our farm to fork vision means ensuring the shortest possible journey from produce to plate. This ensures freshness, and allows us to cut out transport emissions, protecting the local landscape and environment. 

All of our menus make use of seasonal produce. Not only does this allow us to provide an authentic local dining experience, it means that we can be sure that our sustainable farming is suitable for the local climate. 

We also only grow what we need, in order to eliminate food waste. Sourcing our produce from our Estate farm also eliminates the need for plastic waste, helping to safeguard our sustainability.

Foraging at Killeavy Castle Estate

Our menus make extensive use of foraged ingredients from woodlands on the Estate, as well as flowers and herbs from our Walled Garden. We even blend our own Killeavy Estate tea, which is a firm favourite with guests. 

To learn more about foraging and the edible produce our Estate provides, book a forest-guided walk with one of our expert team members. 

Working Farm Experiences

Enjoy the sights and sounds of a working farm, and learn more about our sustainability initiatives at Killeavy Castle Estate. Depending on the season, you can see our expert team of farm hands deliver new lambs and calves, shear sheep or extract honey from our bee hives. 

Since we grow so much of our own food on the Estate, there’s nowhere better to learn about sustainable farming. Take a farm tour or a foraging experience and hear from our expert guides all about the journey your food takes from farm to form at Killeavy Castle Estate. 

Our working farm positions us as the ideal destination for environmentally friendly holidays in Ireland. Learn more about the steps we can all take to protect the natural world, in the resplendent luxury of Killeavy Castle Estate. 

Sustainable Growing Practices at Killeavy Castle Estate

Our mission is to maximise the positive environmental impacts of tourism. We use only sustainable growing practices, centred around seasonal produce which suits the local climate. 

Growing our own food on the Estate also allows us to reduce plastic waste and minimise the carbon footprint of our food supply lines. We are proud to offer some of the most sustainable food in Ireland, without compromising on quality.

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